Wireless temperature monitoring system

The wireless temperature monitoring system WITEM300 is dedicated for temperature monitoring of most important spots (moving contacts, busbar joints, etc.) in LV/MV switchgear systems. It consists of two parts: temperature measurement monitor WITEM300M and a number wireless temperature measurement sensors WITEM300S. Temperature measuring monitor is installed on the instrument panel door. Measuring sensors can be installed on the fixed contacts in the bushing insulator, on the busbar or cable connections. Temperature sensor and monitor have wireless communication between each other. This helps to avoid insulation problems and gives an advantage of fast and easy sensor installation.

One monitor can connect up to 16 temperature measurement sensors, and one upper computer can connect up to 99 monitors through the RS485.

The wireless temperature measuring monitor can display temperature of all measured points in real time.

It is possible to set up LED alarms, NC/NO alarm output signals and relevant parameters on the spots - exceeded preset absolute temperature or temperature rise values, too high temperature difference between different measuring points.

Through RS485 (optocoupler isolated) bus, Modbus protocol networking function, you can reach all parameter settings, real-time temperature data and alarm information.


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