Switchgear system USN

USN cubicles are used in indoor switchgears and distribution centers for 6 (10) kV (USN 100 series), 12 (17.5) kV (USN 150 series), 24 kV (USN 170 series) voltage 50/60 Hz frequency electrical power distribution, line overload and short circuit protection.

Cubicles are equipped with vacuum or SF gas circuit breakers of various manufacturers.

Construction of three high voltage compartments with draw-out circuit breakers

Type tested according IEC62271-200

Designed for high power regional substation switchgears

Make-type earthing switch

One side maitenance

Operation of all switching devices with front door closed

Complete air insulation of all switchboard live parts

IP41 degree of protection on the external housing

Constructed to withstand the overpressures caused by the internal arc up to 50kA/1s

Mechanical outside door interlock ensures safe maintenance


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