Fencing systems

Fencing systems are suitable for enclosing corporate, residential, sport, recreation and leisure areas. Fence panels are the sections of fencing that get attached to posts. Standard panels width: 2500 mm, height: from 1030 mm to 2030 mm. The thickness of the wire is 5 mm. Panels, depending on the height, have a certain number of folds. Standard mesh size: 50 x 200 mm. Welded wire mesh panel get attached to rectangular 40 x 60 mm profile posts. Panels and posts are hot dip galvanized according to ISO 1461 standard.

According to custom order we manufacture custom sizes of wire mesh panels and posts, and paint them in a chosen color from RAL color palette. Wire mesh can be made of 2.5 mm - 8 mm diameter wire. Largest welded wire mesh panel dimensions: width - 2 m, length - 3 m. Minimum mesh size: 50 x 50 mm.


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