1. The Code of Conduct establishes the company's principles of conduct and ethics, which help:

    1.1. ensure the transparency of the company's activities;

    1.2. maintain relations with clients and partners;

    1.3. to develop employees' competence, appropriate and effective mutual relations, responsibility for their actions when performing tasks;

    1.4. fulfill obligations to take care of the environment.

Principles of ethics and behavior

  1. Business Conduct and Support Policy

    2.1. We adhere to the company's vision and mission;

    2.2. We set common company goals based on company values.

  2. Freedom of association

    We respect the rights of employees to communicate freely and recognize their right to voluntarily join trade unions, works councils or associations and their right to negotiate with the employer.

  3. Respect for human rights

    4.1. We respect the personality and individuality of each employee, and strive to create a work environment that encourages initiative and creativity.

    4.2. Managers treat subordinates with respect and restraint. Instructions and orders or comments are made only correctly, personally to the employee, trying to create a friendly and harmonious environment in the team.

    4.3. We listen to suggestions and opinions, and we base our discussions on arguments, not personalities or emotions.

  4. Fair conduct

    We treat all of our employees with dignity and respect, and we do not threaten employees to harsh or inhumane conditions, including sexual harassment and abuse, corporal punishment, mental or physical abuse.

  5. Safety and health at the workplace

    6.1. In all workplaces, we ensure safe conditions that do not endanger the health of employees in accordance with the requirements of legal acts.

    6.2. We constantly assess the health and safety of employees in the company in order to improve and improve it.

    6.3. We periodically inform, train and instruct employees about safe and health-friendly work performance methods to ensure the safety and health of employees.

  6. Environmental protection

    7.1. We comply with the environmental protection requirements established in legal acts.

    7.2. We manage energy costs responsibly, systematically assess energy consumption and plan to implement energy saving measures. We sort waste, save electricity, drive company transport economically.

    7.3. We undertake to strive for economical and efficient use of natural and energy resources.

    7.4. We aim to become an environmentally friendly company.

  7. Customer relations

    8.1. We serve our customers taking into account the needs of each customer.

    8.2. We value all customers equally, without favoring any one. We do not allow personal relationships to influence and give privileges to distinguish certain client(s) from others.

    8.3. We base our relations with clients on mutual respect and tolerance.

  8. Relations with competitors

    9.1. We support free business and competition, so we do not try to prevent other companies from competing freely.

    9.2. We compete fairly, following the principle of transparency, the principles of business ethics and complying with applicable laws.

    9.3. We collect, use and share information about our competitors only through legal and ethical means.

    9.4. We do not publicly criticize the activities of competitors, we do not spread misleading information about competitors or their activities.

  9. Forced labor

    10.1. We do not tolerate forced or involuntary labor. We do not engage in any form of human trafficking.

    10.2. Employees can freely enter into and terminate employment contracts in accordance with current legislation.

  10. Discrimination

    11.1. We do not tolerate discrimination in employment, pay, education, career, termination or retirement, race, sex, national origin, religion, belief, origin, nationality, age, disability, family history, sexual orientation, union membership or political opinion. and we take legal measures to stop the observed discrimination.

    11.2. We encourage employees to share their experience with their colleagues, to improve their competence using good practices, tolerating the groups listed in the previous point, as well as any other groups that are discriminated against.

  11. Bribery

    12.1. We do not tolerate any form of bribery.

    12.2. We consider bribery to be receiving, giving, offering or promising any financial or other personal benefit to yourself or another person in order to influence certain actions or decisions. Bribery can take many forms, including, but not limited to, the transfer of cash, valuable gifts, payment for travel, entertainment, giving and/or promising career opportunities, leaking valuable, commercially important information, etc.

    12.3. Company employees are prohibited from directly and/or indirectly offering, giving, giving permission to give, requesting, accepting or receiving bribes, including through any third parties.

    12.4. Gifts, entertainment, souvenirs or services of small value, etc., which are related to activity promotion are not considered bribery, when it is compatible with normal business practices in terms of maintaining business relations and hospitality and cannot influence the decision of the recipient.

  12. Corruption, extortion

    13.1. We comply with the requirements of the Law on Prevention of Corruption and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. We do not tolerate corruption, extortion or misappropriation in any form.

    13.2. We create strong partnership relationships based on trust.