Arc protection system

Arc protection system

The new arc protection relay NOLA-03-M with extension unit NOLA-02-S are designed to be used for the protection of medium and low-voltage switchgear to increase personnel safety and minimize equipment damage. The central unit type NOLA-03-M operates independently or together with the extension unit NOLA-02-S. This unit helps to create selective arc protection system increasing number of sensors and extending the area to be protected.

Three-phase overcurrent function - as additional criteria for trip decision

Loop-type fiber arc sensor for arc detection and light intensity measuring

Two high-speed semiconductor outputs for fast tripping (<=2,5 ms), much faster than conventional protection relays

Two relay outputs for trip signalization and circuit breaker failure protection

Two fiber optic or RS-485 interfaces for the connection of other Master or slave units (up to 16)

5 push-button membrane keyboard for local configuration

Informative OLED display and 9 LED indicators for reliable information presenting even at low temperatures

USB port for PC configuration, event evaluation and software upgrade

Event logs (650 events) and real-time clock

Configured by the FREE NOLASET software tool

Continuous self-supervision and monitoring of sensor fibers, operating voltages and cabling between master units and slave units



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